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Terms and Conditions

Can’t get enough of the small print?

Welcome to heaven. Topdeck’s T&Cs lay out all the essential deets you’ll need before you book your trip, kiss your cat goodbye and leave for the airport. 

Feast your eyes on these: there’s a link below for whichever currency you pay for your trip in. What better way to spend a night in, right? Sorry Netflix. 

Booked your trip before 19 January 2022? You’ll need to check our retro-cool T&Cs here.

Also, due to – you guessed it – COVID-19, we’re making new bookings extra-flexible. Meaning? No drama if plans change. So, along with our standard T&Cs below, check out our flexible booking and COVID-19 Assurance policies here.

Terms and Conditions by Currency

Australian Dollar (AUD) T&Cs

If you’re booking your trip in Australian dollars (AUD) click HERE.

Canadian Dollar (CAD) T&Cs

If you’re booking your trip in Canadian dollars (CAD) click HERE.

Euro (EUR) T&Cs

If you’re booking your trip in Euros (EUR) click HERE.

British Pound (GBP) T&Cs

If you’re booking your trip in British Pound sterling (GBP) click HERE.

New Zealand Dollar (NZD) T&Cs

If you’re booking your trip in New Zealand dollars (NZD) click HERE.

South African Rand (ZAR) T&Cs

If you’re booking your trip in South African rand (ZAR) click HERE.

United States Dollar (USD) T&Cs

If you’re booking your trip in United States dollars (USD) click HERE.

Sharing’s Caring

We dig seeing you living your best life on a Topdeck trip, and sometimes we’d like to share your photos/videos/reviews/toothbrush (maybe not the last one). See our user-generated content T&Cs here.

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